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South Asian Law & Economics Review is an Annual e-Journal of Law & Economics bearing ISSN: 2581-6535. The Journal covers contemporary issues of Law & Economics and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.

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Analysis of Cryptocurrency and the Need for its Regulation in India

A “virtual currency” is a sort of digital money that frequently stays uncontrolled. Virtual currencies are seen as including “cryptocurrencies” like Bitcoin and Ethereum. A cryptocurrency manages and controls the generation of new currency units and uses encryption technology to keep transactions safe. Such cryptocurrencies exist and are traded on specialized, public blockchain networks. Cryptocurrencies

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Group Discrimination in Labour Market: Focus on Caste and Religious Discrimination in India

This paper deals with the continuation of discriminatory hiring practices in the labour market by analysing field research previously conducted for the various spheres of employment. The analysis dissects the pitfalls of both the private and public sectors’ hiring practices and also offers a comparison to similarly consequential racial discrimination against the African-American population apparent

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One Person Company: Concept, Opportunities & Challenges in India

With ever changing scenario of business the new concept of One Person Company has been emerged as per Companies Act 2013. It is a hybrid of sole proprietor business and company form of business. Although this concept of Entrepreneurship is new in India and it will require time to be accepted amongst the people. There

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Tax Justice Is Not A Brain Surgery: Analysis Of Tax Recovery On The Performance Of Tax Appeal Machinery In Tanzania

Tax justice goes far beyond lack of administration of justice at any tax appeal mach. An effective tax system delivers the 4 Rs of tax: revenues to fund public services; redistribution to curb inequalities; repricing to address public harms such as fossil fuel extraction and tobacco consumption; and political representation – recognising the key role

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Chemical Industries & Competition Law In India

In this paper, the aim is to put across the importance of chemical industries. Chemical industries have also been discussed in relation to the different types of market competition and the space for such endeavours in the Indian context. Furthermore, the relevant case laws have also been discussed within this paper in relation to the

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