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Banner Ad

Publishing & Academic Brands can place their Banner Ads on our website. Other Sector Ads are welcome but they should match our target audience.

Pop-Up Ads

Pop-Up Ads are ads that will be shown on the screen when visitor open our website. We can predefine the condition of display.

Email Ads

Advertiser can provide us a banner which we can use the same to promote in our Email Marketing Campaigns.

Conference Ads

Conference Organizers can advertise their upcoming events on our websites by

Call For Papers Ad

Journals can promote their Call For Papers on our Website. The ad should be in the form of banner.

* The Law Brigade Group reserves the right to deny advertisement opportunity to any advertiser if the product/service which is to be advertised is not beneficial or matches the interest of our target audience. We will however discuss other opportunities with those advertisers. 

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