Religion and Consumer Behaviour with Smashing Stress on E-Commerce

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Journal Title: South Asian Law & Economics Review
Author(s): Ajitha Nair L
Published On: 20/05/2022
Volume: 7
First Page: 102
Last Page: 110
ISSN: 2581-6535
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Ajitha Nair L, Religion and Consumer Behaviour with Smashing Stress on E-Commerce, Volume 7, South Asian Law & Economics Review, 102-110, Published on 20/05/2022, Available at


The main aim of any business organisation is to create or generate profits, and they will work hard so crazy to earn more and to increase their demand in the society, to earn high reputation and all. The best way to fly the flag in the business set up is to attract consumers or customers, by selling more goods, the income of the company will increase automatically. In this connection it can be very well say that, the product generation has a direct link with the taste of the consumers or consumer behaviour is an important part in the progress of a company or business organisation. Consumer behaviour is influenced by religion as it affects human values ​​and actions. It affects how consumers and when they spend their money. Consumer behaviour reflects the greater consumption of products by people. It is influenced by various factors such as culture, seasons, price of products among others. Culture, in this case, represents the values ​​and beliefs of people. One of the key elements of culture is religion. Religion refers to a defined set of beliefs, values, and procedures that serve as a code of conduct or as a guide for human behaviour. Religious groups and institutions promote values, doctrines, and beliefs that affect personal preferences and preferences. Religion has a profound effect on human beliefs, identity, and values. For this reason, it affects the choice of people who do what it affects use. The effects of religion on consumer decisions may be in good way or in an opposite way.

Keywords: E-commerce, Consumer, Culture, Religion, Consumption

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